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Sunsets never get old

Sunset in Siesta Key

Sunsets on Siesta Key are spectacular and no two are the same. There are so many places where people gather to watch the sun bleed away into the night sky. Whether it be at the public beach or any of the numerous beach accesses along Midnight Pass Rd you can always find gatherings of visitors and locals alike taking in the beauty that each sunset brings.

We offer boat trips into Big Pass and other areas around the key that offer an unobstructed view of the sunset. It seems on every trip that conversation seems to turn into a whisper as the sun gets lower on the horizon. Its as if there is a sense among all that it is a special moment and worthy of offering a few minutes of quiet time so it can be enjoyed to the fullest. Usually softly spoken comments such as "incredible", "beautiful" and "spectacular" are offered up in appreciation of the moment. Many never say a word as they take the journey with the sun lower on the horizon until it finally fades away, mesmerized no doubt!

When is the last time you took in a sunset? If I'm not taking a group out Donna and I usually think about it about 30-45 minutes prior to its occurrence, its as if we have a timer in our heads that sounds the alarm with each impending sunset. We don't even ask the other if they want to watch it, we know.

No matter where you live try to take a few minutes to watch the sun bid you a farewell, more than likely you will find yourself offering up a few minutes of quiet appreciation!

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