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Wild surroundings!!!

The great thing about this part of Florida is the opportunity it gives to experience the abundance of wildlife that exists all around. Dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, fish and birds of all kinds are just a few of the critters you will see in and around the Sarasota area!

A walk on the beach will almost always allow for an abundance of bird watching as well as dolphin sightings. On many occasion beachgoers are treated to slow "float by" courtersy of a manateee or two or a display of acrobatics by several of the area's dolphins! If you listen (it doesn't even have to be intently) you can hear the distinctive squawk of a flock of wild parrots flying overhead. They are seen (and heard) flying all over Sarasota.

While not seen as often, sea turtles are a special and rare treat. On several rides into the gulf I have spotted several sea turtles surfacing for air. They are a little harder to spot but are a special treat when seen. My experience has been to give them a little more space than I would a dolphin or manatee to prevent alarming them and causing them to dive out of sight. Since they can hold their breath for very long periods of time you may only get one chance to see them before they dive but it is something you will not soon forget!

Next time you visit this section of the state, or even if you live here, look up, look around and listen. You may find yourself saying " man this place is wild" !!

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