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The "Key" to great music

The village of Siesta Key is well known to be a local hot spot for live music. A short walk from one end of the village to the other and you will encounter numerous musicians, be they part of a band or playing solo. You can literally walk just out of the range of sound from one band and right into the next with just a few steps!

Its extremely common to see a musician playing with several different groups depending on the night. It speaks to the closeness of the music scene and the ability of the musicians to pick up or fill in depending on the situation. You would never know they were not part of the regular band based on the way the music blends to create a sound that would seem to reflect hours of practice together! My wife and I have actually seen the same musician playing with 2 different groups in the same night, perhaps the walk down the sidewalk with guitar in hand was a dead giveaway!

I always reccomend things to do and places to see when I have a group on the water for a few hours. So many visitors to this area are experiencing the key for the first time and appreciate the tips. Many times I will run into them after our charter while they are enjoying a bite to eat and a cold drink listening to one of the many great bands that dot this tiny stretch of sand.

I encourage you to make your way to "the village" on your next trip to Siesta Key! The musicians are dedicated to their craft and it reflects in the music they produce. THEY are the "key" to the great music we enjoy!

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