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Snorkeling around the key!

Siesta Key and the surrounding area have some excellent places to try out snorkeling! The most popular spot by far is the point of rocks which is just south of crescent beach. It is a natural limestone formation that you can easily wade out to get to. The gradual slope of the shore makes it easy to adjust your mask and snorkel while standing on a sandy bottom. From there you can simply glide through the water and take in the scenery just below you.

As with everything involving nature and wildlife, what you see on a particular day is dependent on the conditions and the wildlife itself. Water clarity can vary but is very good on most days. One particular late summer day my wife Donna and I went snorkeling at the point of rocks and experienced one of our best days of snorkeling ever! We literally saw thousands of fish and had a manatee swim directly between us! We hated to leave that day, it was as good as it gets!

I offer snorkeling as part of a half or full day charter and go to the point of rocks via the gulf where guests can easily disembark from the swimming platform at the stern of the boat. The water is 5-6 feet deep there and puts guests directly over structure when they get in the water. Other areas that afford good snorkeling are dotted throughout the bay. There are several sandbars that have seagrass beds which hold numerous species of fish. These areas are excellent for first time snorkelers since the water is about waist deep or less where you get out of the boat and we provide all the gear you need!

Snorkeling is easy, fun and inexpensive. While we do provide all the gear needed it is a hobby you can easily take up for around $20! Many of the snorkeling sets sold at department stores and souvenier shops are all that is needed, add a $5 noodle if you would like a little flotation and you have everything you need to see your surroundings in a whole new light!

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