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Sarasota is great for cycling!!

Yesterday my wife and I went on a nice long bike ride with some friends and absolutely loved it! We left our house on the key, and after meeting up with the others made our way over to City Island for a cheeseburger at the "World Famous New Pass Grill".

What it made the ride so nice was the fact that Sarasota is very much a bike friendly community! There were very few places along our route where there was not a designated bike lane. By no designated lane I mean that there were only a few spots where the bike lane was very briefly interrupted. The lanes are very generous and clearly marked.

The other thing that made the ride so nice was the stunning view we encountered along the bayfront and at the top of the Ringling Bridge. I've passed those landmarks many times but being on the bike with the sunshine and breeze blowing made it that much more incredible.

I realize that is just one route out of so many that exist around this area. The Legacy Trail is just that, a trail dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists. You can easily google the trail to see some details on it and remarks and writings of others about it! We have not ridden the Legacy Trail yet but hope to do so very soon! We have taken the bikes to the Myakka River State Park (yet another great place to cycle), and really enjoyed it as well.

The longer we are here the more we appreciate all that is here and all that this area has to offer! Boating, fishing, kayaking, the beach and biking are all tremendously fun activities and things we try and do often ( boating actually being my day job!! ). The Christmas season for many presents the opportunity for a little time off, I would encourage you to take a little time and engage in an activity such a hiking, biking walking, boating, playing golf or tennis........ just get outside! This place is incredible!!!

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