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The rhythm is gonna get you!!!

One of the great things about Siesta Key is the absolute abundance of things to do. If you live here or are just vacationing one thing is for sure, you will not be bored! One of the many activities that takes place is the weekly drum circle at the public beach. Every Sunday about an hour or so before sunset there is a gathering of drummers, dancers and spectators that gather on the beach for the weekly jam session.

The "circle" is for everyone, young, old, the drummers, the dancers, the standers and the sitters, everyone gathers together to enjoy the sights and sounds that this weekly event provides. Children play and dance as parents capture the moment on camera, vacationers realize no one knows them and suddenly find themselves dancing to the beat as well! Some show up early and place chairs about to get the best view of the hula dancers and others swaying to the rhythm of the various percussion instruments. The instruments are as varied as those who play them, on any given Sunday you may find anything from very expensive bongo drums to a 5 gallon bucket turned upside down! One one occasion I even saw a car mufler being used to offer up a beat the blended in incredibly well!

It is one of the many free yet priceless things this area has to offer. My wife Donna and I will often ride our bikes to the circle, it is a very easy ride from most places on the key! It is one of many things I encourage you to do while visiting this tiny sliver of sand. Once you leave the circle grab a bite at any of the fine restaraunts that abound, listen to some music, take a walk, enjoy some ice cream. Before you know it the rhythm of Siesta Key will get you!!

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