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Great oysters are only the beginning!!!

One of the favorite spots on Siesta Key is the Siesta Key Oyster Bar or SKOB as it is referred to more often than not. Located right in the heart of the village SkOB is a great place to go to for live music, good drinks and of course oysters! Every day between 3 and 6 you can catch their "oyster happy hour" which boasts some of the best tasting and reasonably priced oysters you will find.

Donna and I enjoy them steamed on a fresh saltine cracker with drawn buter and cocktail sauce paired with a cold beer! If you are lucky enough to grab a table out front you will find yourself in the best spot to listen to one of the fine musicians they have on a regular basis as well as enjoy some of the best people watching in the village.

SKOB boasts a full menu with everything from Burgers and wings to delicious seafood, flat breads and salads. If you visit Siesta Key please do yourself a favor and visit Siesta Key Oyster Bar, you will enjoy the people, the food and the atmosphere. After your first visit there it will forever be known to you as SKOB!

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