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It's just a number, right?!?

As the old saying goes " age is just a number" is played out every day all around us. Certainly living on Siesta Key affords an active lifestyle due to the year round excellent weather conditions. In all parts of the country however people are more active even at "advanced" ages. The picture attached is a family member celebrating his 80th birthday by water skiing in Michigan!

Being active takes effort but once you start and keep it going it becomes easier. In anything you do start slow and increase the level of activity as you go. You have to walk before you can run applies to starting any activity at any age.

In the Sarasota area we are blessed with year round opportunities to get outside and enjoy a myraid of things to do. Walking, running, biking, golfing, swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding are just a few of the activities to take part in. Even walking in place is beneficial and is certainly something that can be done inside the confines of your own home. The bottom line is another old adage coming to mind: " a body in motion stays in motion".

The guy in the picture? He challenges himself, plays tennis almost everyday, water skied on his 80th birthday.... I'm sure many of us know, or have seen the news of people who feel or act old long before they hit the 80 mark or even younger while others who are much older are playing tennis, golf and even running marathons!! They didn't buy in, give up or accept the whole "I'm getting old" concept. To them they're age really is just a number!

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