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Flipper lives!!!!!

The waters of Sarasota and the various keys boasts an incredible number of dolphins. On a recent visit to the Mote Research Aquarium I learned there are over 170 resident dolphins of the Sarasota Bay area. Dolphins can be spotted almost anywhere and at anytime around the keys, anywhere from the beach to the bay and intracoastal waterway you may spot a few or several of these creatures on any given day.

As part of any of our charters we always make the time to spot dolphins. It's not hard to do since we usually see them while in route to one of the many activities that guests take part in while on the water. Dolphins are extremely social animals and are almost always seen in groups or pods. The picture provided was taken on a recent outing and the dolphin captured in the picture was actually one of 5 that were following our boat and simply playing in the wake! Overall I have been lucky enough to get these creatures to do some acrobatics like you see about 7 out of 10 times. It is a tremendous treat for everyone aboard and children in particular!

Flipper is indeed alive and well in the Sarasota waters and would love to put on a show for you! Enjoy your vacation to this incredible area, take in a sunset, go for a swim, grab lunch or dinner at one of hundreds of outstanding restaurants, take a charter with Key Life Charters where you can experience dolphins like the one captured!!

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